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ClariS's Connect Remix

2017-03-05 09:21:19 by Skybliss

Not so long ago I got an awesome idea. I decided to make a remix of ClariS's song.

ClariS is a Japanese J-Pop duet formed in 2009. They are two girls-students from Hokkaido island. Their names are Clara and Alice, but in 2014 Alice left the band. Instead her came Clara's friend Karen and now the sing together.

I love all of their songs very much and for a remix I choose one of my favorite songs - Connect. It released on February 2, 2011, and was used in the opening of anime-serial Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I love this song and anime too.

But when I'll finish this remix it won't be allowed to download. Just because I don't have any rights on it.

So, the first part is already out.


My first album released!

2016-12-31 17:45:12 by Skybliss

YAY! My first album released!

But actually this album is made from only singles. No special tracks at this time.

I grabbed all my anime songs here, that I made in 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


1. Electricity

2. Meeting On A Field

3. Celestial Sphere

4. Pastoral

5. Sunrise

6. Race Around the Metropolis

7. Looking At The Sky

8. Sky City

9. Sweet Dream

10. Childhood Memories

11. Electricity V2

12. Looking At The Sky V2

13. Reindeer Team

You can buy this album at the price $1.

My Christmas and New Year project released!

2016-12-28 06:09:14 by Skybliss

My Christmas and New Year project is now published!

Sorry, maybe I'm too late making this post cuz I published it on 25th, on Christmas, but I really wanna draw your attention to this.

Well, the New Year is my favorite holiday and I decided to dedicate a song to it. I tried my best to express the New Year mood using bells and the best elements of the songs I finished this year. I spend on it more than 12 hours and I really hope I made something nearly masterpiece.

But in this video is a boring short version. Without lots of good details, effects etc. The full version is paid. It costs $1.

On Christmas I was really inspired by Christmas. Oh, it was a tautology... But it's so.

Cuz on 25th I made a blank of a maybe rock-anime or maybe J-Pop song.

Actually I'm inspired by the Japanese band ClariS. They're amazing! I really love their songs and I think I can make something not worse than they. But for this one I need lyrics. Exactly I need Japanese lyrics. I love how Japanese lyrics sound.

But that one which is on the video is a blank, which I made in just 2 hours - very little time for me to make a song cuz usually I spend 9-10 hours on the one song. So it's not a complete song and I can change something. But the main things won't be changed - I mean the mood, the key, some melodies and harmonies.

So if you can write Japanese lyrics for me, contact me here or better on Facebook.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays!

P.S. YAY! I changed my nick to official here!

A preview of my New Year project.

2016-12-04 08:51:21 by Skybliss

Well, this video is just a preview of my New Year song that will probably be called Reindeer Team. I made this because I asked so many questions about it (for example, which name is better, which cover is better etc) and it's impossible to speak about the song if you even have never heard it.
Even if I finish it today, it will be published exactly on December 25th, on Christmas, as a dedication. It will be only on Bandcamp and a short part I will put in the YT video.

My logo.

2016-12-01 15:25:40 by Skybliss

So long time since I invented Skybliss and only a few minutes ago I made the logo. And now I put it almost everywhere. For example, on my YT.

My official YouTube!

2016-11-17 08:33:46 by Skybliss


Not so long ago I created a YT channel for myself. Just click on the word Skybliss and subscribe pls!

There's already all of my stuff (well, almost all) and inside FL videos.

New one in a new genre!

2016-11-04 17:31:47 by Skybliss

I decided to change my main genre! So now it's anime (exactly rock-anime)! And my first real rock-anime is Looking At The Sky V2. Enjoy it and leave the comments!

P.S. Make sure you watched anime Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien! It inspired me to make Looking At The Sky V2! It's very exciting and touching!


2016-10-20 09:32:46 by Skybliss

I invented a new nick! It's Skybliss (somewhere HiAmSkybliss). Ill change it here a bit later.

I'm really fool!

2016-09-18 14:28:08 by Skybliss

Thinking about a new nickname for already 4 MONTHS!

If you remember, I think G14V is stupid and I gonna change it, but I cannot invent something really awesome. (Maybe cuz I'm not awesome) :-)

I wanna invent something, that expresses what my music is about or my life position. I tried TOO many variants (including Skyfall and others).

Maybe in a 100 years I'll invent it.

So you know I'm a fool. :-)


2016-08-30 12:27:42 by Skybliss

I've remixed Summer Loop and Meeting On A Field. If you have already downloaded them, download again. They sound much better.